Imagine losing your home and having nowhere to turn or a firefighter in need due to illness or injury. Being a firefighter is more that just a job description, it is a mentality that rarely ends at shift change. We at the FMFF decided to identify how we can go beyond the job that we love and help support Firefighters, families, and the communities that we serve. With the amount of love and support shown to us, we feel it is only right to give back. President of the Flower Mound Firefighters Foundation presented the Cross Timbers Rotary Club with an overview of the important work they do to provide support to those in need.  Firefighters truly represent the Motto of Rotary - "Service Above Self" - as they step in to help those in need. We at Cross Timbers Rotary were only too happy to present them with a $1000 check for continuing their important Work.