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Dr. Lori Rapp currently serves as Superintendent of Schools for Lewisville ISD, a position she has held since Feb. 2022. Rapp has worked for LISD her entire professional career, joining the district in 1996 as a secondary mathematics teacher at The Colony High School. She served in various administrative roles in the district’s curriculum department and was named Deputy Superintendent in 2017 before taking over as leader of the district in 2022.

During her tenure in LISD administration, Dr. Rapp led a team that accomplished remarkable milestones and held a pivotal role in developing unique learning pathways for students. She is widely recognized as a respected educational leader across the district and across the state, noted for not only her deep knowledge of curriculum and instruction but for her ability to lead change in a collaborative way. 


In 2008, Dr. Rapp received the LISD Administrative Support Employee of the Year award, was awarded a Texas PTA Lifetime Membership in 2019, was nominated as a Local Star to participate in the United Way Tribute gala in 2020, and was featured as an inspiring Leader by the Texas Association of School Administrators in 2021. Dr. Rapp was also named the 2023 Texas PTA Superintendent of the Year. 

For more information, visit: https://www.lisd.net/superintendent